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Feed the soil and it will feed you…

Healthy soil is the foundation of a healthy garden. By keeping the soil healthy, plants flourish without pesticides or herbicides. The best way to support healthy soil is to replenish it regularly with a rich amendment such as mushroom or manure compost. The products improve drainage, help conserve water, allow for air movement, and support beneficial microbes.

When is it dirt – When is it topsoil?

We start with a natural soil base, mix it with well aged mushroom or manure compost and/or with well composted green waste. The product then passes through a double screen process, the final screen being 5/16″. Anything larger then 5/16″ is screened out resulting in a clean ready to use, and easy to rake out product.

Topsoil Mixes

Different mixes for different needs

Garden Mix

Garden mix with more organics and darker color is 25% natural soil 25% sand 50% compost

Lawn Mix

Lawn mix is good for new lawns or top dressing. Higher sand content for better root support is 25% natural soil 25% compost 50% sand

How much do I need?

You can use our topsoil calculator to help determine how much you need.