Murphy Topsoil

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I need?

Please see the soil calculator

Do you have a minimum order size?

No! We welcome large and small orders.

How much is a truckload?

We can legally bring 16 yards of soil and 18 yards of bark mulch.

How soon can you bring it?

We try our best to get your order out the same day or the following day.

Can I pick it up myself?

We don’t keep a full time yard person, but occasionally you can call to prearrange a time when we can be there to load you.

Will you deliver to North Delta?

Sorry we do not deliver outside of our area which includes South Surrey, White Rock, Langley, Fort Langley and Aldergrove.

Will I have mushrooms growing out of the mushroom compost?

Since our products are well composed this is very rare.

Should I put landscape fabric down first?

We don’t recommend the fabric. Cleanup the area and if you feel the need, cover it with layers of wet newspaper. A good 6″ of bark mulch should keep things looking great. Landscape fabric can’t stop the weed seeds that blow in from the yard, birds, etc. Landscape fabric or plastic creates a barrier that stops the mulch from replenishing the soil. It also makes it hard to add future plantings and as the bark breaks down it would need to be removed and replaced, instead of just added to.