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When is it a good time to start seeds?

The stores are starting to display this years flower and vegetable seeds.

When should these be started?  Always refer to the back of the seed package for instructions.  Living here in the fraser Valley  I prefer to purchase West Coast Seeds from Ladner.  They are a little more expensive but the planting directions are clear and geared for our climate.  I also wrote in my tip of the month about the differences between open pollinated, hybrid and gmo seeds.  I have always had great success with these seeds and you only have to buy them once then you can harvest your own.  Most planting instructions will refer to “the last frost date”.  Here in the Fraser Valley our last frost date is March 26th.  This is a general guide and we all know how much a wet spring can set back our seeds.

Check with the farmers almanac or enviroment Canada for the last frost date in your area.  Good luck and Happy Gardening!!